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Lenses for every lifestyle

The right lenses make any great looking frame an ideal fit for your life. Our opticians will explain the wide range of lens options, including the latest in customized digital lenses. Most of our lenses are produced with UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating by Carl Zeiss Vision, one of the leading lens manufacturers in the industry.

EXPLORE lens features and options

Single Vision Lenses

The ideal solution for people who are only near-sighted or far-sighted.

single vision spheric lens demo
single vision aspheric lens demo
single vision customized aspheric lens demo

Spherical lens

Standard lens.
Peripheral distortions.

Aspheric lens

Thin, flat lens, even for high powers. Less peripheral distortion.

Customized aspheric lens

Digital lens. Thin, flat lens, even for high powers. Optimal vision even in periphery.

Digital Device Lenses

The essential lens to reduce eye strain and fatigue from everyday use of digital technology devices. Digital Device Lenses provide a boost of focusing power for near viewing, so your eyes can move between your digital world and the real world with ease. Ideal for single vision wearers.
Learn more about lenses designed for your digital lifestyle

Progressive Lenses

The ideal solution for people who wish to have a combination of close-up and distance vision all in one lens with no visible lines.

traditional progressive lens demo
basic progressive lens demo
advanced progressive lens demo
customized progressive lens demo


Standard lens. Narrow field of view.


Digital lens. Medium-wide field of view.


Digital lens. Wide field of view.


Digital lens. Widest field of view.

Learn more about fully customized, digital progressives—the most advanced, most personalized progressive lenses. Watch how to fully customize your Progressives

Workplace & Computer Lenses

Designed specifically for the modern workplace and the digital age. Workplace lenses give freedom to move around the office without switching glasses. This specialty pair is an addition to your everyday pair.

workplace lens demo - reading lenses
workplace lens demo - mid-range and computer distance
workplace lens demo - room distance

Reading glasses

Up to approx. 12 - 24in

Ideal for reading, computer use, and other up-close activities. Clear vision to about 3 feet.

Reading & Computer glasses

Up to approx. 1 - 7ft

Great for reading, computer use and a clear view of a cubicle or small office. Clear vision to about 7 feet.

Room glasses

Up to approx. 1 - 10ft

Appropriate for most indoor activities. Clear vision to about 14 feet.

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