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Digital Device Lens

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Digital Device Lens

Designed specifically for the digital age, the Digital Device Lens by Zeiss eases eye strain caused by constant refocusing that comes with frequent smart phone and tablet use. They provide a boost of focusing power for near viewing, so your eyes can move between the digital world and the real world with ease.
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Individual<sup>®</sup> 2

Individual® 2

Progressive Individual® 2 lenses by Zeiss are designed precisely for your prescription, and manufactured up to six times more accurately than ordinary progressives. You’ll enjoy wide, spacious fields of clear vision—up to 50% larger than ordinary progressive lenses. Return to Lenses—Types



These self-tinting lenses adjust to any light condition and do it fast. Indoors PhotoFusion lenses by Zeiss become very clear; outdoors, very dark; and when cloudy, they're slightly tinted. No matter how dark or clear they are, PhotoFusion lenses always block 100% of harmful solar UV rays. Return to Lenses—Lens Enhancements


PureCoat® PLUS

Many lens manufacturers offer scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coatings for their products. The leading-edge Zeiss PureCoat® PLUS lens process combines advanced anti-reflective and scratch-resistant technology with an innovative anti-static element that prevents dust and dirt from sticking to the lenses. The lens surface is then sealed with a super-slick top coating that reduces water, oil, and grease, making the lenses exceptionally easy to clean. Return to Lenses—Lens Enhancements

PureCoat<sup> ®</sup>

Zeiss Heritage

For 170 years Zeiss has led the world in optical innovations that have helped shape modern life including breakthroughs in photography, scientific and medical equipment. When you order eyeglasses from Kaiser Permanente, you'll experience the clarity of precision optics by Carl Zeiss Vision. Return to Lenses