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Lenses for every lifestyle

The right lenses make any great looking frame an ideal fit for your life. Our opticians will explain the wide range of lens options, including the latest in customized digital lenses. Most of our lenses are produced with UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating by Carl Zeiss Vision, one of the leading lens manufacturers in the industry.

EXPLORE lens features and options

Self-Tinting Lenses


These indoor to outdoor lenses react faster than any other self-tinting lens. Fast dark. Fast fade back. In full sunshine they darken to a true sunglass tint, providing full UV protection. PhotoFusion lenses by Zeiss come with high-performance anti-reflective coating and are a great option for kids too.

photofusion sunny demo
photofusion partly sunny demo
photofusion cloudy or indoors demo


Partly sunny

Cloudy or indoors

Available in brown (shown) or gray tint.
Learn more about PhotoFusion fast self-tinting lenses


Our lenses are produced with UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating, except basic plastic (scratch-resistant for free, but UV is additional fee). Our premium lenses come with PureCoat® PLUS, a premium anti-reflective coating, with anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch-resistant properties built-in.
Learn how PureCoat® PLUS keeps lenses cleaner and clearer



Reduces reflections to a minimum and allows more light to pass through to the eye for crisper, clearer vision in all lighting situations, including night driving.



Repels dust and dirt so lenses stay cleaner longer.



Optimum protection against scratches.



Dirt and moisture slide off the surface, so lenses are easier to clean and stay clean longer.

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