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Getting Contacts

Many of Kaiser Permanente’s Doctors of Optometry specialize in contact lenses. They are dedicated to helping you find a contact lens system that matches your eyes’ unique features to maximize your comfort, vision and lifestyle.

Contact lens exams should be scheduled every one to two years depending on the recommendation of your eye doctor. Learn about our exam process and fees, or schedule an appointment.

Exam process

Exam process


  • Your copay (if you have one) covers your general eye health exam and eyeglass prescription.
  • The contact lens evaluation is not covered by insurance unless your plan has a vision benefit that can be applied toward the evaluation fee and/or contact lens purchase.
  • Fees vary depending on the complexity of your case and whether you’ve had prior experience with contact lenses. A new contact lens wearer might expect an evaluation fee of $100-140; an experienced contact lens wearer might expect a fee of $50-75.*
  • Please expect to pay all fees and/or copays at the time of your visit.

Find out what eye care services are covered by your Kaiser Permanente insurance plan.

*Fees are an approximation and vary based on complexity.